Messaging, Credibility and Tactics!

I have been killing myself trying to bring you new features. Slaving, laboring, contemplating and eventually completing new cool code to bring you closer to your fellow geeky friends. Why do I do this? Why do I put forth so much effort? For that twinkle in your eye my friend, that twinkle.

Tactics, HUZZAH!

I am sure you couldn't resist clicking on the orange tab. I know you did. You had to do it! It's freakin ORANGE! If you were one of the few that hasn't indulged in the magical tab, then you haven't quite lived yet. What's behind the magical tab you ask? Besides unicorns, rainbows and leprechauns, Neggs Network has added a whole nother level of WOW to the site. That's right, we added a mini-game. AND not just any mini game but a match three mini-game, we like to call it Tactics. Tactics is the type of game that you will call in sick to Christmas over. If you can handle not showering for a week and pulling 92 hour junked out binges on a game that is rewarding in so many ways, then Tactics is the game for you.

How to Play

Holy Shitsnacks! A match three with skulls! Yes sir, you said it! Match the skulls to do damage to your opponent. Match colors to fill the mana capsules. Once a mana capsule is filled (depending on the color) you will unlock a special skill..oooooohhhh ahhhhh!! Use your skills wisely, your opponent is no dumb dumb. This isn't as easy as it looks.To your advantage, your opponent only has one skill which also works in your favor. As you climb the credibility ranking ladder, you will have access to more fancy Clash of Clans avatars. The avatars get more badass as you level your credibility.

Every move you make, every step you take, Neggs is watching you!

All of your stats are easily accessible under the 'Stats' tab. The stats tab allows you to see how many times you have won, the amount of times you have used a skill, how many trophies you have acquired, your fastest win time, your average play time and much, much more. This tab is also available during game play.

How awesome is my ranking score? Well that's an easy one to answer. Just select the rank tab to see how awesome you are and how much better you have to be. This tab is also available during game play.

Oh my goodness! I am so filled with overjoyed excitement that I forgot what the skills are, and how I use them. No worries, select the help tab to guide you through your game. This tab is also accessible during game play. Remember the keyword is tactics. Be careful how you use your next move. Be tactful.. hahaha see what I did there...
Just a heads up, tactics can be enjoyed on PC or MAC, the game is not compatible on mobile devices. Hands are tied on that.

Credibility has arrived!

What does Credibility do, you ask?

Plainly put, it helps you get chicks. Okay, that may not at all be true (or is it? eh, eh!?!?). Credibility just makes you more awesome in front of all your friends (assuming your friends use this website) and you get ranked based on your awesomeness. Every place you make a comment or contribution they'll see that shiny new nameplate of yours with your credibility score and of course, your badass title.

Where can I see my Credibility Ranking?

BLAM!! WightSage is the man! Oh and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the credibility ranking page, you'll find your current ranking.

I have more questions about credibility and I will have my answers!

Well now, that question was asked in such a manly manner! Don't worry, I kind of figured there would be a lot of questions so I created a FAQ section which I'll get into in a little bit, but for now you can visit:

New Messaging System!

We all have dirty little secrets, take me for instance. I am a playboy spy who plays video games for fun and I've dated my share of supermodels who I've left very satisfied and sadly, heart broken. Whew man, it feels to get that secret out there! You too can share your secrets or just other things that don't need to be said in forum or comment section.


If you visit View Messages Here (if you're logged in) you can just sit there and type away to your friends. The page will refresh for you and let you know if anyone has messaged you within 30 seconds of the message being received. It's kind of nifty and can make communication a little easier, especially if you're chatting in real-time on the site. I'm going to be adding a lot more smoothness to this feature in the coming months. I'd like people to have very easy going communication on the site and since we're going heavy on the community, I think this feature will help with that.

Recruitment just got a wee bit easier

I've added the ability for members to easily message the creators of recruitment clan listings in the clan page so they can actually coordinate recruitment a little more smoothly.

And where do I find my list of so-called messages?

First make sure you are logged in. You will not be able to view or send messages otherwise. Once you are logged in, then you can easily access your messages under the 'Accounts' tab. If you can't find the message section from there, you probably shouldn't be messaging anyone in the first place.