Six arms! Two to stand on the ground in homage to the First Noble Truth, "all life is suffering." Two for meditation, "to avoid craving and aversion." And two more to follow the Noble 8-Fold Path and develop compassion for others.
Full of rage and anger, Kratus is the last of his kind. He is known as the Dragon of War. Feared, respected and also admired by all, no one dares to face him in battle.
Some earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates - others occur when a Quake Dragon lands. This sudden release of seismic power can destroy towns and cities; thank God you are on a flying island!
The most unpredictable of all four-elements-dragons. He is the lord of quantum mechanics; its body is pure energy, so he can control all the matter surrounding him. Don't get too close, it's radioactive!
The most delusive of all four-elements-dragons. For years, Mirage Dragon was considered a myth - a fabrication of a few crazed Dragon Masters. Today we know he is real, but that doesn't mean he's easy to breed!
The most ancient of all four-elements-dragons can finally be yours! Within the Millenium Dragon lurks the infinite power of time. The rare combination of its elements makes it unique and matchless.
Nowadays, the power of magnetism is no secret for us and we konw it is the most powerful force on earth. Breeding this dragon will be as difficult as getting two positive poles together!
After being bitten by a werewolf, this creature became a hybrid of beast and dragon. While the Howl Dragon's element is Dark, he is also connected to Nature and Energy elements.
The most incandescent of all four-elements-dragons is the one that inhabits the center of the earth. Flying between lava flows, the Forge Dragon is in charge of keeping the planet's core molten.
The most powerful of the four-elements-dragons, he spells the end of an era! With his combination of four opposite elements, the Apocalypse Dragon is pure destruction – albeit unintentionally. He is so difficult to breed that you may never see one.
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