Rising up from Korea the Joseon dragon comes back to fight. Blast your enemies with the power of water and fire! Stand strong against attacks with the element of metal. The Joseon dragon is unleased to the world!
Desert Dragon comes from the most arid place in the world and is accustomed to high temperatures. He is so big because he stores so much water under his rocky skin! This allows him to survive many weeks without drinking!
Gemini is one of the Zodiac Dragons who give their names to our constellations. This dragon is associated with the twins Castor and Pollux of Greek mythology. It is said that Gemini Dragon is the protector of sailors.
Some of you will see a change, some of you won't. The people that do are probably wondering "Why the change?" 'Why' is because we can expand on your experience, we have forums, news, better search capabilities, sorting, you can also comment on anything you want to and be more involved with the community.

Don't worry! I am here to help you navigate through the new Dragon City site and show you how easy and awesome it is. Everything on the old site is still here. It just may look a bit differe...
The Cheshire Cat Dragon loves to appear and disappear at will! This dragon sometimes raises philosophical points to annoy or baffle other inhabitants of Dragon City.
This elegant space dragon is the guardian of balance. He leads his fellow dragons, but he's not a leader. An integral part the cosmos, he ensures that all universal forces flow in a common direction.
This rare shaped dragon has the special ability to redirect the sound waves in his will! That may not seem super useful but that allows him to know all secrets and gossips from Dragon city.
This horrifying Kaiju Dragon was first seen in 1954. It's said that he was born out of the atomic explosions, but he love tomatoes, too. Some people know him as the King of the Monsters!
The scariest dragon from the Jurassic period has come to join his fellows. You may be afraid of his teeth and spikes but be aware of his claws, that you can split into two.
Available at the store from May 14, 2014.

Two Years we have been together... It's time to celebrate! But, what a surprice! Inside the cake we baked together with Cookie Dragon a new dragon has been found! Anniversary dragon is here with all your jokes and pranks.
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