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I am sure you couldn't resist clicking on the orange tab. I know you did. You had to do it! It's freakin ORANGE! If you were one of the few that hasn't indulged in t...
Despite his physical appearance, Zizou Dragon is one of the most elegant and intelligent dragons in Dragon City. He is very diplomatic with everyone, but he won't hesitate to use force if necessary
Known by everyone as one of the calmest and most elegant dragons. A hero and example to many dragons, he is respected and admired everywhere he goes. Don't irritate him, for he can defeat you before you have time to react!
This dragon loves his children unconditionally and protects them. He is loving and warm, so his grateful children return the affection on this special day. Happy Father's Day!
This dragon is also known as a "cave dweller." He likes to live in caves or beneath overhanging rocks of cliffs. If you give him a tinder and flint, he will make a perfect, cozy fire in a few minutes!
Strong Dragon was born in a gym… So it's not difficult to understand his passion for exercise. You don't want to make him angry, for he can reduce you to ashes with his claws!
The craziest dragon in Dragon City! You may wonder if his hairstyle is natural –and the answer is yes! Do you like it? Well, just don't ask him how he does it, because you need to be really stressed out to have such crazy hair!
Speed Dragon is, as you may guess, the fastest dragon in Dragon City! He's never late when meeting friends and likes to run wherever he goes. You can always find him training at the track and field! Beep beep!
There is no doubt that the Saturn Dragon comes from outer space. The beauty of his wings can hypnotize you if you look at them for more than one second! Finding one of these celestial dragons on Earth is a rather rare occurrence!
This dragon likes to live in the rainforest. When he wants, it's almost impossible to see him because he can camouflage himself to blend in with nature. Manglar Dragon is peaceful and strong as an ox!
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