Breeding Legendary dragons

Posted 9 years ago
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Sep 2014
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how is the combination to breed the legendary dragons? I have tried uncountable times and made many combinations but unsuccessful. I have only the wind dragon, and I want the others legendaries.

can someone help me?

I have made those combinations:

cool fire and gummy;
cool fire and soccer;
gummy and soccer;
cool fire and gummy
pure and pure;
pure and pure dark;
pure flame and pure flame
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Nov 2014
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just breed pure and pure over and over. Most of the time you will get another pure, but it only 12hrs. Sell it, and breed again. forget cool fire, gummy, soccer. None of those will work. Don't use Pure Dark, Pure Flame, etc.. because you might get stuck with another 48hr Pure Dark, Pure Flame.

Pure Pure... I'm been doing this for 3 months, got 2 Droconos, 2 Crystal, 2 Wind, 1 Nirobi. Just waiting for Mirror and Legendary.
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Stephen John

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Jun 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth me guys..because i tried to breed a legendary dragon but..i cant get it perfect.. :(