Hypno Dragon

Weaknesses Light Metal
Resistances Dark Electric
Immunities Ice
Available at Level 5
Incubation Time 16:00:00
Rarity Rare Hybrid
Type Dark Nature
Sell Value 100,000 Gold
XP 30,000 XP
Used in Battles? Yes
Breedable Yes

Hypno Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Basilisk Zombie 14 14 45%
Elements Penguin 19 6 19%
Neon Firebird 49 5 16%
Nature Dark 72 4 13%
Gummy Zombie 16 2 6%
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Additional Hypno Dragon Information

The Hypno Dragon is available in the Dragon Black Market from Nov 25, 2013 through Nov 29, 2013. A rea lTrickster! The Hypno Dragon can make you blindly believe you're a chicken or a frog! Spinning his spiral eyes he hypnotizes all who resist his will. You better be his friend. But wait, he has no friends! You better run!