Forge Dragon

Weaknesses Flame
Resistances Metal Terra
Immunities Flame
Available at Level 5
Incubation Time 84:00:00
Rarity Hybrid
Type Flame Ice Terra
Buy 4,500 Gold
Sell Value 1,200,000 Gold
XP 70,000 XP
Used in Battles? Yes
Breedable Yes

Forge Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Alpine Block 10 6 46%
Soccer Armadillo 35 2 15%
Quartz Steampunk 6 2 15%
Electric Wurm 18 2 15%
Acoustic Amethyst 161 1 8%
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Additional Forge Dragon Information

The most incandescent of all four-elements-dragons is the one that inhabits the center of the earth. Flying between lava flows, the Forge Dragon is in charge of keeping the planet's core molten.