Angry Dragon

Weaknesses Dark Nature
Resistances Flame Terra
Immunities Electric
Available at Level 7
Incubation Time 20:00:00
Rarity Unique
Type Flame Nature Terra
Buy 1,500 Gold
Sell Value 100,000 Gold
XP 100,000 XP
Used in Battles? Yes
Breedable Yes

Angry Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Terra Aztec Warrior 175 168 48%
Animation Angry 149 68 19%
Archangel Blizzard 248 57 16%
Flaming Rock Nature 180 29 8%
Burning Battery 40 28 8%
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Additional Angry Dragon Information

Don�t make this Dragon get angry! It may look a little bit absent minded and cute, but there are secret powers hidden in its mutant blood�